Few platforms can boast the same spectrum of benefits as Cinema Advertising. To begin with, your brand is targeted at an attentive and 100% captive audience without having the same overheads as other means of advertising. So, not only are you specifying your target audience, but also gaining ideal exposure at affordable and competitive rates. What's more, cinema advertising delivers one of the highest advert recall rates in contrast to most other media.

Packages are customised to ensure clients receive high exposure and maximum impact. Grand Cinemas is pleased to offer a range of promotional activities designed to complement screen advertising, including:

  • Sampling
  • Branding
  • Avant-premiere events
  • Redemption centers
  • Ensuring a high level of interaction with consumers



All cinema screens are equipped to screen 35mm prints and slides. Durations are variable from 30sec to 90sec for films and 3sec to 5sec for slides.



Grand Cinemas is not only the leading cinema entertainment name in the region, but also an advertiser's paradise for communicating with a young, affluent, sophisticated target audience.

The main welcome / lobby area of all Grand Cinemas branches offers congregating visitors a chance to relax over snacks and meet friends, and is generally the hub of the venue. Numerous plasma screens, placed at focal points for visitors prior to entering the cinema, add another visual attraction for moviegoers.

Aside from offering customers the chance to enjoy the latest trailers, plasma screens have been proven to be a very effective means of advertising extended to an alert audience.